Araujo avoids responding to criticism from Gundoğan.

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Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo chose not to talk about Ilkay Gundoğan’s criticism of his team. Following Tuesday’s European defeat to Paris Saint-Germain.

Ronald Araujo, Barcelona’s 24-year-old defender insists. He doesn’t think too much about teammate Ilkay Cundoane’s criticism after the 4-1 loss to Paris Saint-Germain. 8 teams eliminated from the Champions League. Because they want to create calm for the team before the important game against Real Madrid on the Liga stage this Sunday. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Thursday UFABET 

Gundoğan was angry at Araujo’s negligence, who fouled Bradley Bargola. Causing him to be sent off the field in the first half hour of the game. Causing Barcelona to be at a disadvantage until they were shared by Paris Saint Main came out to win 4-1. Successfully snatching a ticket to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

When asked about his thoughts on his team-mates’ criticisms, Araujo replied: ‘I like to keep my thoughts to myself. I have a code and values ​​that I must respect.’

When further asked if Gundoan lacks those codes and values, The Uruguayan defender replied: ‘I have already answered that question.’ 

Araujo also mentioned the ‘El Clasico’ game with Real Madrid on Sunday that ‘We have a chance to clear our eyes. Madrid are our biggest rivals. And we have to change our thinking. We’ll give it our all on Sunday.’

The 24-year-old defender also apologized to Barca fans. After being eliminated from the Champions League ‘We are very sorry. Of course we are all sad, the children, the families. But this is football. There is always eye washing. We will try again next season. I am confident that this generation will win the Champions League.’