Conte delight with Kane’s performance after Spurs crush Newcastle

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Conte delight with Kane’s performance after Spurs crush Newcastle

Spurs manager Antonio Conte has hailed Harry Kane’s performance in the 5-1 Premier League win over Newcastle, calling him a key figure in the team. Report from UFABET

Spurs continue to maintain their chances of securing a place in the Champions League when they play in their 30th Premier League game against Newcastle at home. Along with making it rank 4th in the table Despite playing two more games than Arsenal with the same points.

“I can tell after this game that It was a pity that. He couldn’t score a goal in this game. But his way of playing is amazing. and get assists in this game It’s very important to have a player like him on the team. He can score goals. And create opportunities in the same person, I really like him.”

“A player’s talent sometimes doesn’t always come from the need to train hard. But from the first day I move here He gave me an example that it might be normal. But I will say that it’s not like that. Great players are sometimes lazy too. But that’s not Kane. He sets an example for everyone on the team. Get everyone up and running to fight in competitive games. Winning this game will give us a lot of confidence. The Premier League is a very difficult league in every game. But anything can happen too. And every team must have nothing easy to come against us.”