Lampard reveals why Alli & Van de Beek joined Everton

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Lampard reveals why Alli & Van de Beek joine Everton in pairs

Everton manager Frank Lampard has reveal. What was the main reason he bought Dele Alli from Tottenham and sign Donn van de Beek on loan. Manchester United came to reinforce the army at the same time as a double pack.

“What I do when I’m going to sign a player. You have to look at your abilities and playing style first. Then see what your quirks are. Can get along with us or other team-mates – how well they can get along with us or other team-mates. He told the UFABET.

“After evaluating everything until it came out satisfactory. So I phone them myself to tell them what the club’s project was all about. What are your future team building plans? And how can everyone help the team in each situation?”

“Of course, Alli and Van de Beek are both unbelievably talented midfielders. And I was a competitor to all of them in the past. Let me tell you that there are only impressive things buried in my memory.”

“Another important point is I want players who have a strong commitment to prove themselves to work with. Because this type of person, if given the opportunity. They will always give more than 100 percent. Everton will need to feed their thirst for victory quickly to get back on track.”