Liverpool poised to snatch Gnabry

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Liverpool poised to snatch Gnabry as he has yet to discuss a new contract with Bayern

Premier League club Liverpool have become one of the clubs link with Bayern Munich winger Serge Gnabry, according to UFABET.

The 26-year-old may not be signing a new contract with the Bundesliga club. While the current one has only 18 months left. Prompting him to be link with several European clubs.

Liverpool are one team that are closely monitoring Gnabry’s situation. With the possibility that they could consider a return to the Premier League. After being at Arsenal previously.

However in addition to the Reds. There are also Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. Who are also interest in the Bayern star. Which is expecte if the new contract is not progressed. He may Was list for sale in the market this summer, it is possible.

Bayern Munich forward Serge Gnabry has admit that he never thought of leaving  Arsenal  in 2016. But had to do so for his future.

“Confess from the heart. I never thought of leaving Arsenal at all. Because that’s the house where I sign a professional player for the first time,” said Gnabry.

“Throughout my training in the Arsenal youth team. I had the strong belief that I would one day be a key player in the Gunners. But in the end, he admits that that dream will never come true.

“Even though I was born in Germany, the decision to move again is a very difficult one. But when thinking about the opportunity to enter the field more than before We finally know what we should do.”