Reuben Neves Close Winter Market

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Reuben Neves’ Close Winter Market

Arsenal and Manchester United seem to have to sing along. When news emerg that Wolverhampton Wanderers are not interest in selling midfielder Ruben Neves in the January transfer window report by UFABET

The Portuguese moved from Porto to the Molineux Stadium in 2017. For a fee of £15.8 million to assist Nuno Aspirito Santo in the project. Promote from The Championship to the Premier League

In just the first season. Neves was able to help the London Wolves win by winning the title. And step up to the top of the English league with dignity

From that day until today, the 24-year-old has made 128 appearances for Wolves in all competitions, scoring 13 goals, and has continued to feature for the team this season, missing just two of those games this season. league only

With a consistent form of play and an interesting development It is therefore not a surprise that he will get the attention of the big teams, especially Manchester United and Arsenal, who travel with Neves every day.

The latest news has emerged that Wolves will certainly not release their key players in January. With a price tag that starts at 40 million pounds to guarantee that no one dares to spend a lot of money in this winter market. This will allow him to stay with the team until at least the summer.

And with the recent loss of Adama Traore to Barcelona a few days ago. So it can be confirm that Bruno Laj does not want to lose another star player in the final curve of the January market again. Therefore the status of the Portuguese footballer is not ready to move in all respects.

United have been link with Neves since the summer transfer window. After they managed to spend huge sums on Jadon Sancho, Rafael Varane and Cristiano for a total price of 120 million pounds.

Then the shopping budget would follow as expected.

Therefore when looking at the situation of the two favorite teams. That are interest in Ruben Neves in the January market Should be able to guess that in the end. The News will continue to stay with Wolves until the end of the season.

and when the summer market reopens The battle for this midfielder’s signature is going to be hot!