Senegal boss Mane has been diagnose with a severe head

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Senegal national team manager Aliyu Cisse has released an update on Liverpool striker Sadio Mane. After suffering a serious head injury that led to him being hospitalize a few days ago.

“There is no problem for Sadio Mane, everything is going well. So whoever is worried can get free,” the former PSG star told UFABET.

“Mane has returned to full training with his teammates since yesterday. And my team monitors his condition every second. until I am confident that there will not be any problems left to be monitored at one point.”

“Of course, he was hit so hard that he fell to the ground. But with a body that is stronger than the standard of general athletes, it can recover quickly, which Mane also confirmed that he is ready to return to the field to help the national team again.

“The only downside to a stronger athlete like Mane is that after a traumatic blow to the head. He continued to forcibly play for a while because there was no pain. But when our medical team saw the danger, we immediately rushed to first aid. The referees themselves quickly understood the situation.”

“When he was taken off the field, he was completely conscious. It doesn’t appear to blur or lose any kind of momentary memory. That gave me a little bit of time to decide my tactics in a matter of minutes.”

“Reiterate that Mane’s physical condition is our top priority. Because this is the pillar of the Senegal national team. So I would never risk anything about him. and willing to let him play again only when he’s fully fit, swear by it.”